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Hear what others have to say about EPCC’s Independent Educational Evaluations…

"There have been times when El Paseo’s Children’s Center evaluator’s results have challenged the assessments completed by our district assessors and other times when their assessments were in alignment with our conclusions and recommendations. We always take into consideration the findings of their reports, and respect their professionalism when presenting at IEP meetings."

El Paseo Children's Center

"I can say without any hesitation that my experience with Brent Cooper and El Paseo Children’s Center has been encouraging, positive, and reassuring. They have taken on some of our most challenging and high-profile cases and prevented our district from going to an Educational Due Process Hearing on more than one occasion. We always make every effort to resolve disagreements within our district; however, there are occasions when an IEE is required or requested. I would advise that parents and special education directors make every effort to obtain Mr. Cooper’s services as an independent evaluator, when appropriate."

"Our experience with Brent Cooper, LEP, has been exceptional. He has been conducting IEE’s for our Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) as an independent educational evaluator for 9 years. As the assistant SELPA Director, we receive requests by parents for Mr. Cooper’s expertise. We honor parent’s requests and pay for his independent evaluation. He brings a valid, comprehensive, assessment report to the table which assists the IEP team in making appropriate eligibility and placement decisions for special education. Mr. Cooper is a true asset for all parents and school districts."